Your Family. Our mobile plan.

Family + Friends
The bigger your Family, the better
Grab your bro, your gran or any other favourite person. With Family + Friends, you can start a Family anytime you want. In other words, by sticking together, you’ll save. Whether there are two, three, four or five of you.
The more of you there are, the cheaper it gets

No matter which mobile plan you have: you’ll both get 1.– off per month.


If there are three of you, you’ll each get 2.– off per month.


If you’re a Family of four, you’ll each get 3.– off per month.


If you’re a Family of five, you’ll each get 4.– off per month. In other words, CH Unlimited will only cost 15.–/month for each member.

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Manage other people’s plans
Manage your gran’s mobile
With Family + Friends, you can put an end to the mess of dealing with gran’s bill and your kids’ prepaid top-ups. Your Cockpit is where you can sign up to plans on their behalf and manage them, too.
Personalised Cockpit
Everything under control at a glance
  • Invite Family members
    Invite your friends and colleagues to join Galaxus Mobile. Or get Uncle Gary a plan for his birthday, so he can finally join the family chat.
  • Choose your settings
    Want to save your parents from being scammed? Block value-added service calls as soon as you hear about the next fraud scheme to hit Switzerland.
  • Keep everything in check
    View past personal bills at any time. And if you’re covering your teenagers’ mobile costs, you’ll see those listed here, too.
Answers to the five most popular questions
  • What’s the difference between the account holder and Family + Friends members?
    As an account holder, you’re also the founder of the Family. You’re the one who sends out the first invitation or signs up to a plan for someone else.
    You’re also authorised to make certain changes to the usage settings in your Family members’ (e.g. gran or nephew) plans.

    However, you can also opt for the version where each Family + Friends member has their own Cockpit and can choose their own settings.
    What’s more, the members also get to invite further friends to join the Family.
  • How do you sort out who pays for what with Family + Friends?
    It’s up to you whether you want all costs to be settled through the account holder’s payment method or if you’d each rather pay separately.
    For a classic family setup with teenagers, it makes sense and is mandatory for the account holder to be in charge of payment. For a Family of friends, paying separately might be a better option.

    All costs are generally covered by the account holder’s payment method.
    As soon as a Family + Friends member enters a payment method, split invoicing is activated and they must cover their own costs.
  • What information is shared within a Family?
    Similarly to a WhatsApp group, the only thing that’s shared in a Family are the first names and phone numbers of the Family members. As well as the data consumed by each member.

    Personal call logs are neither visible to other Family members nor to the account holder.
  • What’s the advantage of Family + Friends for friends?
    Together, you can save money by being part of a colourful pick ‘n’ mix family. Team up with Peter’s uncle or Gemma’s stepsister. Buster the dog, however, will just have to settle for a spot in the family portrait.
  • What’s the advantage for me as a parent or a tech-savvy person?
    As a parent, you can manage your teenagers’ plans in one place – simply and with everything in view.

    If you’re tech-savvy, you can help others who aren’t as knowledgeable when it comes to using a mobile by subscribing to a mobile plan for them and managing it.
CH Unlimited
  • 3 GB national data
  • On the 5G network
  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS in Switzerland
CH Unlimited
  • Unlimited national data
  • On the 5G network
  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS in Switzerland
  • 1 GB data in EU/USA
  • Unlimited national data
  • On the 5G network
  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS in Switzerland
  • Unlimited data in EU/USA (20 GB at full speed)
  • 100 minutes of calls EU/USA