Your new mobile plan.

CH Unlimited
  • 3 GB national data
  • On the 5G network
  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS in Switzerland
CH Unlimited
  • Unlimited national data
  • On the 5G network
  • Unlimited phone calls and SMS in Switzerland
  • 1 GB data in EU/USA

Galaxus Mobile is consistently affordable.

Galaxus Mobile is better together.

Galaxus Mobile can be cancelled every month.

We’ve got exactly what you need at rates that are consistent and affordable. We won’t try to lure you in with dreamed up prices or dodgy offers.

Whether it’s you, your bro, your gran or any of your loved ones: with Galaxus Mobile, you benefit together every month.

If you’re not happy, neither are we. That’s why you can cancel Galaxus Mobile at any time, effective from the following month.

Three steps to a plan

Simple online registration.


Activate SIM.


Off you go!

Upload the photo on your ID and your payment method details. We’ll take care of terminating your contract with your previous provider.

As soon as you receive your SIM card by mail, you can activate it online in your Cockpit. eSIMs are sent by e-mail.

On the start date, simply insert your SIM card or upload your eSIM to your device and you’re off!

Family + Friends
The more of you there are, the cheaper it gets.
With Family + Friends, every added member saves you all CHF 1.– on your plan. So if there are five of you, you save up to 20.– together. No need for a marriage certificate or a shared family tree. Because friends are family, too.
Study this: your advantages with SWITCH edu-ID.
  • Squeeze the most out of student life.
    With your SWITCH edu-ID, Galaxus Mobile CH Unlimited is just 16.–/month. And with Family + Friends for five people, you’ll pay just 12.–/month per plan.
  • Only one of you needs a SWITCH edu-ID.
    Family + Friends members without a SWITCH edu-ID will also benefit from the preferential price. In other words, so will your gran or auntie.
  • Benefit now without any paperwork.
    In your Cockpit, select «Connect with a company/organisation or as a student». Enter your SWITCH edu-ID. And off you go!
Apple Watch, tablet or back-up mobile device?
  • Connect them all with MultiSIM.
    With MultiSIM, there’s no more relying on your mobile to use your smartwatch. In other words, you can leave your phone at home the next time you go jogging.
  • The first MultiSIM is free for one year.
    Request your first MultiSIM and test it for a whole year free of charge. For each plan, you can add up to four MultiSIMs for 5.–/month each. The data volume is added to your plan.
  • For any device with a SIM slot or eSIM.
    All you need to use MultiSIM is an active Galaxus Mobile plan. Please note: data use abroad is not supported.

    MultiSIM cards aren’t designed for routers. Should you try this out anyway, we won’t be able to offer any support if things go wrong.
Answers to the five most popular questions
  • Do I have to cancel my plan with my old provider?
    No, we’ll do that for you and save you the paperwork hassle.
  • Can I keep my phone number?
    Sure, your phone number’s yours and you can take it with you for free. Or you could take the opportunity to get a new one.
  • Are there any activation fees or other catches?
    No. We strive to be as open about everything as you’d expect from Galaxus. That’s why we don’t believe in hidden activation fees or other catches.
  • What about the cancellation period?
    We don’t do minimum contract periods. In the first month, you can cancel any day you like with immediate effect. After that, you can cancel at the end of each subsequent month. All it takes is one simple click in your Cockpit.
  • Who can I talk to if I have any questions?
    Our contact details as well as answers to almost any further questions are here.
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CH Unlimited
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